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Use a Hand Dryer or Paper Towels – But Please Not Your Clothing
Press release 19 March 2020 “In the midst of the current pandemic, the most responsible and honest message that both industries should be putting out there, and that we at Intelligent Facility Solutions, a leading supplie …
A hand dryer with a drip tray that doesn’t need emptying – a facility managers dream product?
A Safe, Efficient and Cost-Effective Addition… Water Drip Trays A maintenance and potential safety issue with blade style hand dryers is having excess water pool on the floor. This creates a maintenance task, as your sta …
Intelligent Facility Solutions Are Proud To Support Action This Day
At Intelligent Facility Solutions ltd trading as Intelligent Hand Dryers UK we are proud to support the work of ACTION THIS DAY, a charity set up to help extremely disadvantaged children from Kenya break the cycle of poverty throu …