There are a number of reasons to buy energy efficient, commercial hand dryers over any other solution if you are a business in Australia. Here are the main ones:

  1.        Energy costs in Australia have spiralled

According to the AEMC in 2002-2007 the cost per kw/hour for a unit of electricity in Australia was comparable with most other developed economies at about 15 cents. Between 2007 and 2011 Australia saw a 40% increase in real prices and the average cost is now between 22 and 30 cents per kw/h. The price in Australia is second only to Denmark and Germany.

Energy efficient hand dryers run off as little as 1.5 watt/hours per dry, so 1000 dries for 1.5kw. This is about a 98% cost saving against paper towels. While traditional dryers used around 25 to 30 watt/hours per dry, a 95% saving!

 2.       The associated carbon footprint of eco hand dryers is far lower than alternatives

Australia being a very sparsely populated country in relation to its physical size and also its proximity to the rest of the world means that the distances consumable products have to travel is greater than just about anywhere. Think about the life cycle of a paper towel. Cut tree down, transport tree, process into a pulp for paper production, transport, store, produce paper, transport, store, transport to location and then again to end user, paper is then used and needs to be disposed of and recycled. Cotton roller towels need continuous transportation and laundering once produced. Hand dryers on the other hand, once produced go to distributor and then to a customer where they give many years’ service and use minimal amount of energy.

 3.       Traditional hand dryers are too slow!

The wave of high speed, energy efficient hand dryers into the Australian market has shown up the traditional warm air dryer and really made it no contest between other drying methods and hand dryers. So no more drying your hands on your dacks!

If you would like to find out more about the eco hand dryers we offer and the savings they could generate for your facilities, please contact us on 1300 HANDRYER or email

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