A Safe, Efficient and Cost-Effective Addition… Water Drip Trays

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A maintenance and potential safety issue with blade style hand dryers is having excess water pool on the floor. This creates a maintenance task, as your staff need to mop the floor at regular intervals… otherwise this becomes a health and safety issue.

Water drip trays are a great feature to ensure floors stay dry when using a blade style hand dryer.

Here we introduce the Dryflow Vapordri, which not only has a very innovative water vaporising system, it is also rated as one of the best alternatives to the Dyson Airblade AB14.

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There are now attachments available that can be added to existing models such as the Dyson Airblade AB14. Although they do not include a water collection system, these attachments have helped the facility management teams by minimising how often the floors need to be mopped.

Although hand dryers with in-built drip trays are popular, they still require some servicing. For instance, the trays need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are clean and empty.

Hand dryers that remove excess water through evaporation overcome the time-consuming servicing task. With these hand dryers any water that enters the hand dryer will be dispersed automatically… eliminating servicing.

Where can you find an evaporative hand dryer?

The Dryflow Vapordri, is one of the fastest drying hand dryers in the World (we’ve done the comparison testing), and includes a patented water evaporation system.  

When water droplets enter the hand dryer, they are vaporised before they can collect inside. The evaporation is done with an energy efficient 50W heater element.

The result… no water ends up on the floor or walls. Best of all, the user has a super-fast drying experience.

One question we get asked is what happens if someone decides to pour water into the unit, or the evaporating system malfunctions.

The good news is that the Vapordri includes a safety mechanism so that any excess water is guided outside the hand dryer so that it doesn’t cause damage to the unit. 

In this unlikely event, there will be water on the floor that needs to be mopped, but it’s better than a hand dryer that is flooded and unusable.

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Is this a hygienic hand dryer?

You probably already know that hand dryers are hygienic, however there are additional features in some hand dryers that advance hygiene even further.

The inclusion of a HEPA filter in a hand dryer is now common. These filters trap bacteria and germs before they enter the hand dryer. This helps to preserve the inside of the unit and makes sure the air blown onto hands is clean and free of unwanted microbes. 

The HEPA filter included in the Dryflow Vapordri has been certified to reduce >99.5% microbes from the intake of air.

The evaporative cycle and the airflow heater element act to sterilise the inside of the machine.  

In addition, all plastic parts are made of antibacterial ABS, which is injected with silver ions that also prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

The popular choice

The Dryflow Vapordri is a popular choice with facilities management. It is extremely compact, it gets washroom traffic flowing quickly, it doesn’t require extra servicing, it keeps walls and floors dry and is energy efficient.


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