Looks like Don Quixote

Australian politicians should stop fighting wind mills

Extinction Rebellion, the protest of 20 September 2019

Today we strike to protest against the way most of our governments are handling climate change.

Today a very large group of Australian Academics from a great number of Australian Universities sent out an open letter to the government of Australia and declared their support for the Extinction Rebellion.

Some people do not think children should be striking and protesting. They think children will be used for other people’s political gain.

In the meantime, our UK partner made a bold move entering in the employee contracts a stipulation not to bring one-off plastics to the office, a first in the world.

Company owner Andrew Cameron explains how this came about. The news went world wide and even hit our shores via yahoo

Since then I am committed to live up to the same rule. I encourage everyone to try it and possibly commit to the rule too. The press release caused quite a stir, excitement, amongst the journalists following environmental issues.  It was definitely a fresh move; a goal post being moved.

We all need to do our bit and you should start as quick as you can. It does cost a little more planning and perhaps some small changes.

I hope the Extinction Rebellion protest will bring big numbers of protesters of all ages on their feet and more, I hope politicians will sense the time has come to stop ignoring the signs the Earth is giving out and start building towards a sustainable world.

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