Front page of report Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality..

The Royal commission into Aged Care mentions in ‘Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety Interim Report - Volume 1’ “A breakdown of complaints for the last quarter of 2018–19, shows that for residential aged care the issues most commonly subject to complaint were medication administration and management (308), falls prevention and management (213), personal and oral hygiene (190)…..”  

Nursing homes and other Aged Care facilities would do well to use electric hand dryers as the standard way for drying hands after washing their hands.

In Aged Care it is very important to know the right way to wash your hands. Hanging up visual instructions showing how to wash hands near the wash basins helps staff, clients, and visitors doing the right thing.

Wet hands are an easy medium for microbial to travel on.  Modern hand dryers have no-touch sensors to switch the hand dryer on when hands are in the vicinity of the outlet of the hand dryer which reduces the need to touch things while having (cleaned) wet hands.

Modern hand dryers that scrape moisture of your hands are very fast and highly economical compared to the older generation of evaporative hand dryers and paper towels. Have a look at our blog Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels for the costings and how many trees you will save.

Hand dryers themselves are often built with antimicrobial contamination materials to ensure they don’t become microbial breeding areas.

Some of these antimicrobial hand dryer manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric and Dyson have hand dryers certified for use in food preparation and other hygiene areas. The Public Health and Safety Organization NSF and HACCP are the known creators of these certificates.

We suggest buyers for the Aged Care and Nursing homes to look for electric hand dryers that have antimicrobial properties. 

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