Updated 27/4/2021

Five Ways to Improve Freeway and Motorway Service Stations

Freeway and motorway service stations are an essential part of every long journey.  A report by Canstar Blue highlighted the best and worst service stations in Australia, and showed that the standard of bathroom facilities matters.

Afterall, most visitors to a service station use the bathroom. This means that it is a key area of the service station.  And it will have a major impact on the impression of each person that takes a break at your service station. Some people really need to overcome fears and anxiety to go to the bathroom. Helping them will be much appreciated. 

What’s interesting to note is that the quality of fixtures in the bathrooms impact how visitors judge the cleanliness of a bathroom.

Here are five tips to improve your visitors experience the next time they travel to your service station:

 Outback Fuel Station Architecture

Tip 1: Speed of Hand Dryers

Getting through the bathroom quickly and to the food court or back on the road is a major priority for motorists. 

If there are queues, it will generally increase stress levels of users. Also, if people do not dry their hands fast, then they are more likely to give up and complain to a friend or relative outside that “those hand dryers are rubbish”. 

What’s more, wet hands breed germs.


Tip 2: Noise of Hand Dryers

Could the large number of hand dryers be used at the same time be a factor in people’s disappointment in bathroom fixtures? 

If you have many hand dryers, you may want to consider replacing these for quieter versions.

There are good performing, quiet hand dryers that take years of heavy traffic.  Although they are not as fast as the high speed variety, they will get the job done and create a peaceful ambience. 


Tip 3: Update Fixtures

Maybe you decided to get stainless steel hand dryers because they have excellent anti-vandal and robust properties. What’s more, look elegant and match the finish of other washroom equipment. 

However, perhaps they have started to look dated and tired. 

Even if the hand dryer has only been in place for a year, it can look tired, old and dated.

Make sure you keep the fixtures updated with modern, sleek designs, and keep the stainless-steel items looking like new with regular cleaning.


Tip 4: Keep Machines Functioning Properly

An out of order hand dryer means one less for all the visitors traffic to use, which frustrates people and looks bad for your service station. 

Of course, things do go wrong and machines may break down. 

Fortunately, there are new ways of installing hand dryers which makes maintenance and repair fast and easy.

Our tip, is to install modern hand dryers and have them serviced regularly.


Tip 5: Increase Hygiene in the Bathroom

We recommend finding ways to increase the overall hygiene of the bathroom.

You can further enhance the experience of each toilet user and maximise satisfaction by:

  •          Providing coat hooks on every cubicle door
  •          Providing disposable toilet seat covers
  •          Installing sensor taps
  •          Providing automatic hand dryers
  •          Providing touchless paper towel dispenser
  •          Installing foot operated waste bins
  •          Installing automatic main doors, or flip doors


These were some ideas to help freeway and motorway service station improve their customer satisfaction scores with regards to bathroom fixtures. 

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