The best hand dryer for swimming pool environments

Exotic Swimming Pool

The environments of Swimming pools are caustic. Metal products around pools tend to rust quicker, become ugly and inoperable. You want a rust proof hand dryer for swimming pools.  

By far the Supreme BA101 hand dryer is the best hand dryer for swimming pool environments.

Rust free hand dryer components

New Zealand made, the Supreme BA101 has an IP22 rating, a tough ABS/Polycarbonate rust free housing and a rust free glass reinforced nylon fan.

In addition to these standards Intelligent Hand Dryers has the electronic control board treated with a protective coating as another prevention against rusting.

Hand dryer, not a Hair dryer

The Supreme BA101’s unique drying chamber prevents people from using it as a hair dryer, which could disrupt its impeccable service life.

Supreme BA101 hand dryer

Other positives of the Supreme BA101 Hand Dryer

The Supreme BA101 gets 3 stars for Faster, 4 stars for Quieter, 3 stars for Cleaner and 3 stars for Greener from its manufacturer.


We are always interested in alternatives to give our customers options.  

We advise our Supreme BA101 hand dryer as the hand dryer for a swimming pool environment.

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