Why is the Dyson Airblade Tap now the Dyson Wash+Dry hand dryer?


The Dyson Airblade Tap has always been a great product.  The concept of hand washing and drying in the same place has become a highly sort after requirement.  For the eagle eyed out there you may have noticed there are 2 things that have happened to the product name and code, in recent times.

They’re now known as the Wash+Dry short hand dryer WD04, the Wash+Dry tall hand dryer WD05 and the Wash+Dry wall hand dryer WD06.  If you look around the web, at first glance it looks like this is the only thing that has changed, with some having you believe it’s actually the same product as the original Dyson Airblade Tap AB09, AB10 or AB11.

The fact is it isn’t!

But don’t be alarmed, it’s actually been updated and improved.  It still comes in a short neck, long neck and wall mounted option.  It also looks the same and is installed in the same way.

The main differences between the Dyson Airblade Tap and Dyson Wash+Dry hand dryer

  • It’s been made slightly wider from 297mm to 303mm
  • The voltage is now 200 – 240V (previously 220-253V)
  • It’s been made much more energy efficient with the rated power now 1000W (previously 1600W)
  • The dry time has increased slightly to 14 Seconds (previously 12 seconds) but this is a slight trade off to the improved noise level (see below)
  • The airspeed has been reduced for reasons stated below, but it is still a fast 341 MPH (previously 430MPH)
  • The air aperture openings have been reduced to 0.55mm (previously 0.8mm)
  • The motor speed is now 81,000 RPM (previously 90,000 RPM)
  • Here’s the main benefit of reducing the motor and air speed.  The noise has been lowered to 80 db which is up to 39% quieter than the previous model and is now Quiet Mark approved
  • It can be much more water efficient. The water flow rate can now be as low as 1.9l/min (previous was 4l/min which can still be achieved with a supplied low flow aerator)
  • At its most water efficient setting it uses 52% less water than previous model.
  • It now comes with an automatic duty flush which works every 24 hours for 1min after the last use. This cleans the system of stagnant water.
  • As with all Dyson Airblade hand dryers it’s now HACCP certified.  This means it’s approved globally for use in food preparation environments by meeting HACCP International standards.

So, there you go. If you’ve had the old codes specified you can rest assured you can still provide the required performance and benefits of the previous Dyson Airblade Tap, with a new and improved quieter, yet still fast drying product.

You can still purchase the original model at the time of writing this post, but it’ll soon enough be phased out by the newer model.  If you’re wanting either the old or new products then make sure you ask your supplier to get you the right one.

There are also some great alternatives to the Dyson Wash+Dry hand dryer (UK site) which you may want to check out.

Written by: James Marvin

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