Airblade Technology

Airblade technology is defined as high velocity strips of air that scrape the moisture off the hands into a catchment area such as the cavity of the hand dryer.  Wet floors are reduced, and drying times improved dramatically.  Generally, longer lasting motors are included, and each will have its own additional features that enhance the user experience.

You will find hand dryers that only use the high velocity strips of air in our high speed hand dryer category

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  • A hand washing and drying experience all in the one place - no water on the floors
  • A super fast drying time of 12 seconds
  • HEPA filtered air
  • Finish
    Brushed Satin (AB09 Short)
    Brushed Satin (DECK mounted - Dri-Tap Hand Dryer)
    Brushed Satin (AB10 Long)
    Brushed Satin (AB11 Wall)