High Traffic Dryers

With most having digital brushless motors or a superior brushed motor design than others on the market, these hand dryers are suitable for locations that will receive over 300 uses a day yet still maintain their longevity.  This is based on the manufacturers stated motor life hours. They were constructed with heavy use in mind, however the maintenance of consumables like carbon brushes, where applicable, should not be ignored to sustain the motors long life properties.

Please use the contact us page if you have any questions or need advice relating to the amount of use the hand dryers will receive in your specific location.

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  • Astonishing motor life - 2.7 million cycles 10-20 times other leading hand dryer brands
  • Reduced noise dryer - 70dB(A) in use in normal conditions
  • Energy efficient - rated power of just 1kW; equating to 6.11W per dry costing around 73p per 1000 dries.
  • Finish
    Polished Chrome
Dryflow® Vapordri Hand Dryer (Graphite) 

From $AUD1098.90 inc. GST

  • No need for water tray emptying – its patented energy efficient system automatically evaporates the water deposited inside the hand dryer
  • One of the smallest blade style hand dryers available – 540 (H) x 320 (W) x 180 (D) mm
  • Dry time (in-house tested): 11 Seconds
  • Finish
  • Efficient dry times- 15 seconds at maximum settings (Independently tested)
  • Quiet operation - 56 to 59 dB(A) stated. In house testing 75 dB(A) in use
  • Effective water collection system – excess water ends up in a tray that is easily drained, drainage system easy to clean.
  • Finish
    Silver (Heated)
    White (Heated)
    Black (Heated)
  • 35% quieter than the original - achieving the Quiet Mark accreditation
  • Energy efficient with a rated power 1kW; equating to 3.33W per dry costing around 70c per 1000 dries.
  • Powerful and effective hand dryer with a dry time of 12 seconds (manufacturer stated)
  • Finish
  • 3 blade outlets and 2 soft start motors produce high velocity airflow and quick dry times - Our in-house testing showed genuine dry times of approx. 11 seconds
  • Microban antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew in all water collection areas
  • Amazing 7 year guarantee
  • Finish
  • The fastest hand dryer on the market - consistent 10-15 second dry times. Independently verified
  • Low energy consumption - 4-6 watts per dry at a cost of 84c to $1.26 for 1000 dries
  • Long life brushless motor - capable of withstanding extreme use
  • Finish