Charities Supported

IFS are long standing supporters of Action this Day. A charity with the aim of helping extremely disadvantaged children from Kenya break the cycle of poverty through education. The charity is personal to one of the Directors who spent time in 2009 volunteering at a Mombasa school. Action this Day has now taken on the management of this school due to the corruption that was badly effecting the quality of education provided.

The Woodland Trust is a charity that was supported by the MD’s late father for many years and continues to be close to our hearts. As our population grows, more and more pressure is being put on the planet through our often unnecessary consumption, something we are passionate about reducing.

The Woodland Trust plays a valuable role in maintaining woodland areas. We pledge to support the planting of over 100 new in our first year supporting the woodland trust to help offset our own emissions and that of others, whilst retaining the beauty of our countryside. We aim to increase the amount of trees we plant by a minimum of 10% and constantly offset our businesses output.

Locally, our employees and Directors volunteer to support Sheffield Wood Recycling. A ambitious social enterprise eventually looking to give work opportunities, a sense of community and optimism to 50 people who have experienced illness or learning disabilities and have become marginalized. It is an organization congruent with our values of giving people opportunities and reducing unnecessary impact on the world’s resources.

Public Sector and Charity discounts

We believe that if you are a not for profit organization with the sole purpose of serving or improving the lives of the general public then it is important that you benefit from the best possible value for money. That’s why we offer discounts to all public sector and not for profit organisations. Please get in touch to find out what we can offer on any specific product.

Public sector: please email 

Charities: please email