We are not just an online retailer of hand dryers. We also provide on-site product demonstrations, test samples, installation services, rental/hire purchase agreements and free Carbon/Energy reduction audits.

Carbon and energy audits

We provide free on or off site surveys to help your organisation understand the energy, cost and carbon reductions that can be achieved by switching from your existing solution to ours. All calculations are based on the carbon trusts standard measurements and can be fully and simply explained. This service comes with no obligation to buy hand dryers from IFS; it simply informs you as to whether there is a clear business as well as environmental case for making a switch. We don’t always need to visit to conduct the audit, if you have a few simple bits of information available we can normally give you a good idea. The cost calculator on each product page will also give you a rough idea of the savings available against your current solution.

On site demonstrations and samples

While we are confident that our expert customer support team can advise you correctly on the phone, we understand that sometimes you want to see the product to make sure it’s right for you. If the hand dryer is for a small facility, requiring just a few dryers, we will normally send you a sample to try, however if the dryer is for a larger site, we are happy to visit with a number of options for you to try and ask questions about. Our external customer development team is very knowledgeable about the products and can answer any questions you may have.
Some of our products come with standard on site breakdown cover. For the rest of our range excellent guarantees are offered as standard, however on-site guarantees can be purchased at a small extra cost for total peace of mind-if you have a problem with your dryer that is not easily resolved we will send one of our qualified engineers to change or fix the dryer for minimum inconvenience

Rental agreements

We also offer a rental service on the majority of our hand dryers with an optional breakdown cover and installation whilst allowing you to offset the costs as an expense. Please make a rental enquiry if you wish to learn more or contact us directly on 1300 426 379.