Our founder had been involved with the hand dryer market, supplying washroom service and electrical wholesalers since 2003, well before we began trading online in 2012. It was obvious to him how bewildering the market had become with the proliferation of so many new models and how poorly each product was being differentiated in the eyes of the customer. There were so many different hand dryers, all claiming the same performance, available at such a range of pricing it seemed very hard for customers to make good decisions. Information relating to dry speeds, lifespan, build-quality, energy consumption and noise levels are important to consumers but websites seemed full of misleading or poorly explained information. He wanted to change all that, so that’s what we did.

The founder’s extensive knowledge of the global hand dryer market allowed IFS to launch exclusive brands from the very best hand dryer manufacturers in the world into the UK market. In addition, these exclusive models went alongside the competitively priced UK market favorites. For a product to be supplied by us it has to offer a clearly superior value or a unique feature, the benefits of which need to be clearly articulated.

Since the companies formation, we have supplied many thousands of customers from small cafes, schools and Universities to large international stadiums and prestigious facilities across the world. We are proud of our development into one of, if not the leading independent hand dryer supplier in the UK and the knowledge that our products are reducing the nation’s carbon emissions on a daily basis. In addition we continue to grow our positive contribution to the wider society. See IFS Commitments beyond business