How This Hand Dryer Costed A Tradie’s Customer Only $36 a Year.


A Tradie walked in yesterday carrying a box. After cursory chat, he asked my boss and I if we could help.

“What’s the problem?” Phil asked.

“The hand dryer won’t switch off anymore.”

The Tradie opened the box and pulled out a JD MacDonald hand dryer.

Phil immediately saw the model number. “Nah we can’t repair that. I know exactly what’s wrong inside and it’s unrepairable. That’s more than 15 years old.”

The Tradie acknowledged it was probably very well 15 years old. “I remember installing it myself and have not seen it since. 15 years is a good ride, but I guess all good things come to an end”.

The Tradie picked up his box with the hand dryer inside started to leave.

Phil told him he could drop the hand dryer in the hand dryer recycle bin just outside. “Thanks mate, will do.” 

“Do you need a replacement?” I intervened as the Tradie started walking.

“What do you have?” the Tradie asked.

“Do you want the replacement model?” Phil asked.

“How much is it?” the Tradie asked. Phil answered immediately, “it’s five thirty six including GST. But I’ll give you our trades discount”.

The Tradie asked “Great. Do you take a card?” as he pulled out his well-worn brown wallet.

Phil walked to the storage rack, picked up a box and gave it to the Tradie in exchange for his credit card.

While Phil was in the office, organizing the invoice and payment, I chatted to the Tradie about the Mitsubishi Pajero he drove, as I’d recently bought one too.

He admitted this was his fifth one - a diesel, this time. He talked passionately about his Mitsies and said they never gave him any trouble. And he traded up every three to four years.

He didn’t like the Pajero Sports though. “Not enough space and unproven four-wheel driving” he said.

Phil came back and gave the Tradie his card and invoice. “The hand dryer has the usual 10-year JD MacDonald’s warranty. Thanks for your business.”

This 10-year warranty is so fitting for a Tradie who is good at his trade and changes to a new Pajero every four years.

No wonder his customers come back to ask for his service over 15 years later. He was great at his job and knew when to invest in quality.

Interestingly, that original hand dryer cost his customer less than $36 a year. What’s more, it had never given them trouble. I was amazed witnessing the longevity of the JD MacDonalds hand dryers.

It left me wondering what was going to happen when Mitsubishi stopped producing the Pajero.   

“Have a good day,” out walked a happy Tradie with enough time to drive his Pajero to his customer and install the good, faithful new JD MacDonalds hand dryer.



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