Due to budget constraints and environmental responsibilities, schools are always on the look out to make cost savings and energy reductions. Please read the following case study of how this can be achieved.

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This case study is based on an analysis of an actual Primary School. If you would like to request the name and address of the school please ask by contacting us via the contact us page here or call us on 0114 3540047 and we shall seek permission from the school in the first instance.

Case Study: Energy Savings and Carbon Reductions Available to Schools by Switching to Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

In Brief:

School annual savings - £345 - £639 (savings that can be put to good use in other projects around the school.)

School annual carbon reduction - 1555 - 2876 Kg/C02 (Decreasing the carbon footprint of the school)

In Detail:

The school are requiring 11 hand dryers. They want to become more energy efficient, as well as removing paper towels from use. The below information is based purely on hand dryer use.

School Demographics
Pupils 412
Staff 59

Consistent values were used to calculate and compare energy costs and savings

Standards Used
Pupil days at school per year 190
Pupil toilet visits per day 3
Pupil toilet visits per annum 234840
Staff days at school per year 200
Staff toilet visits per day 4.5
Staff toilet visits per annum 53100

Existing Hand Dryers Already in Place:

World Dryer Junior Economy SM48 Hand Dryer

This hand dryer has the following specification:

Rated Power (kW) 1.8
Dry Time (seconds) 35 – 45
Average Watts per dry (W) 20
Annual kW/h 5758.8
Annual Carbon production* (Kg/C02) 3110
Annual running cost+ (exc VAT) £691

*Based on Carbon Trust standard of 1kW/h = 0.54 Kg/C02
+Based on 12p per kW/h

Recommended Hand Dryers and Energy / Cost Comparisons:

The table below shows the recommended hand dryers we put forward to the school.  Some of the recommendations are based on the quiet noise level produced by the hand dryer as it has been found that young children may have a fear of using loud hand dryers.  Some of the hand dryers recommended are also adjustable, hence the variation in figures.  The adjustable features include heater element disengagement and motor speed reduction.

You can view each hand dryer by clicking on their title for more information

World Dryer Junior Economy SM48 Hand Dryer Turboforce Junior Hand Dryer EcoForce Hand Dryer

Puff the Magic Dryer / 
Dryflow Elite

Dryflow Elite MK2

eXtremeAir GXT / 
eXtremeAir CPC

Rated Power (kW) 1.8 0.5 - 1.15 0.5 - 1.25 1.7 1 0.3 - 1.5
Dry Time (seconds) 35 – 45  13 - 16 21 20 22 11 - 23
Average Watts per dry (W) 20 2.5 - 4 3 - 7 10 6.5 1.5 - 5
Annual kW/h 5758.8 719.9 - 1151.8 863.8 - 2015.6 2879.4 1871.61 432 - 1439
Annual Carbon production* (Kg/C02) 3110 

389 - 622

466 - 1088 1556 1010 233 - 777
Annual running cost+ (exc VAT) £691 £86 - £138 £103 - £241 £345 £225 £51 - £172
Carbon saving compared to existing Hand dryer (Kg/C02) - 2721 - 2488  2643 - 2021 1555 2099 2876 - 2332

Annual running cost saving compared to existing hand dryer  (exc VAT) 

- £605 - £553 £587 - £449 £345 £466 £639 - £518

*Based on Carbon Trust standard of 1kW/h = 0.54 Kg/C02
+Based on 12p per kW/h

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