Have you taken over a building and the hand dryers aren't working or you existing dryer just doesn't seem to be operateing as it should or indeed at all?

Most hand dryers are relatively simple machines that will work for a long period without issues especially if they are well maintained i.e. cleaned regular inside, in the water drainage (if applicable) and sensors.

The main components are a printed circuit board (PCB), a sensor (normally infared), a heated element (on most models) and the motor, so its usually pretty easy to diagnose the problem.

Anyone performing a repair on a hand dryer should ideally be an electrician or a competent individual, however the process is quite simple.

Always consult the trouble shooting guide in the user’s manual if it is available, however if this is not available here are a few of the potential problems that may occur with your electric hand dryer. The power to the hand dryer must be isolated and turned off before removing the cover.

No heat 

Many modern hand dryers work with high velocity airflow as opposed to evaporation. First check that your hand dryer is a heated dryer to see if it is a problem or its the way the dryer is designed. Heat is not necessary to dry hands unless the airflow is slow, so old hand dryers tend to use more heat and be more energy hungry so heat is expected. Something like a Dyson Airblade for example has no heated element. If the dryer does work with heated airflow but it blowing cold air, then first identify the heater element (this will normally be placed close to the airoutlet from the motor to heat the air as it leaves the dryer). It will be attached to the PCB board and will clearly look like the element of any heater. Take note of the connections and replace with a new part.

The air is too hot

This can either mean the heater element is faulty but more likely the PCB is faulty as this regulates the max heat. We would suggest changing the PCB first and checking. Normally most PCB and relatively easy to disconnect and replace, just take careful note of the connections.

Sometimes dust may get into the unit that causes heater elements to smell of burning, this smell can also occur when dryers are new as there is often a resin left on the new plastic, this should reduce quite quickly and go away once the dryer has been in use for a while.

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The Hand Dryer is not blowing or the performance has reduced?

Depending on the age and type of motor the hand dryer has there are a few likely causes.

On a brush motor hand dryer (majority of hand dryers) that has been in use for some time, the 2 brushes that hold the rotator will gradually ware. Even on a low cost unit this should not occur until the electric hand dryer has performed at least 100,000 cycles, so if it is relatively new or in a low use area this is less likely to be the fault.

Check when the electric hand dryer was installed and check with the supplier what the expected brush life is, in order to eliminate this as a likely cause. More simply you will be able to visually detect if the brushes are worn because the connection with the rotator will be slight or their will be no connection at all. It is also worth checking or replacing the springs that hold the brushes in place. Brushes are relatively cheap to buy and simple to change.

If the unit is new, it maybe that dust or debris has got into the machine and is inhibiting the performance. On brush motors, when the winding (copper coil) gathers dust the electrical connection will not be as good therefore the motor may be intermittent. Dust around any moving parts will inhibit the performance of the machine so please consult the supplier about the correct way to clean the internals of the hand dryer. You may also want to check the filter (if your hand dryer has one) is clear of debris, this is a common issue with high speed hand dryers as they suck more dust into the units and often have HEPA or anti-bacterial filters. Filters protect the motor but performance will be dimished if filters are left to gather debris.

Digital brushless motors have less maintenance issues but are affected even more my dust, so it is vital that they are cleaned in accordance with guidelines.

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The hand dryer is making a rattling sound?

Potentially this could be the springs on the brush motor, if these are not at the correct tension they may move about as the motor rotates.  Other than that components may have come loose and the unit needs thoroughly checking.

I put my hands under the dryer but nothing happens, yet there is power to the hand dryer?

This is most likely either a connectivity problem between the sensor and the circuit board or the sensor is faulty. First check the connection and clean the sensor. If this does not work replace the sensor. If still not working, check the power from the circuit board to the sensor. Most of the time if there is power to the unit we suggest changing the PCB and sensor together, they are generally supplied as one kit and this can be done on most models in a matter of minutes. 

Motors will eventually die and please contact us and we will be able to give you an idea based on the age of the model as to whether this is likely.

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The hand dryer is intermittent

This can be the pensor but often it is a problem with the PCB, again change both

We hope you found this helpful, we have a team of qualified engineers who can visit your site to diagnose problems and can also carry out maintenance checks to ensure the smooth operation of your hand dryer.

Alternatively if it is a new hand dryer you are requiring, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts for the best advice in the industry.  Also view our website here.

View our YouTube Channel for more helpful Hand Dryer User Guide, Installation and Maintenance Videos - Click Here

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