Jet Towel, Airblade and Blade technology

Airblade Technology


Full Airblade Technology is defined as high velocity strips of air that scrape the moisture off the hands and catching the moisture.

The moisture usually gets caught into a tray of the hand dryer. Tap Airblade hand dryers use the sink to catch the moisture. 

Wet floors are reduced and drying times improve dramatically compared to traditional hand dryers

The traditional hand dryers rely on heat to create moderate velocity warm air to evaporate the moisture of your hand. No catchment tray is needed but you do need some patience. 

In Australia the word Airblade is a registered trademark of Dyson.

As happens to all leaders in their field they get competition and with that innovation gets another push. This starts chewing away on the marketshare of the leader until another takes over the leadership batton. 

The first Blade hand dryer

Using high velocity air to scrape off moisture was first applied by Mitsubishi Electric in 1993. 

We sell their hand dryers too and the latest generation of this Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel Slim hand dryer too. 

The shape of the hand dryer often allows for 2-4 high velocity strips of air addressing the moisture on the back and palm side of each hand at the same time, thus reducing the dry time even further. Generally, longer lasting motors are included, and each has its own additional features that enhance the user experience.

Airblade has become synonymous with this style of hand dryer just as Xerox became synonymous to copying of a page.  Other words are Jet or Blade hand dryers.

In high traffic areas the catchment device in Airblade Technology hand dryers needs to be emptied once in a while otherwise moisture caught in the tray of the hand dryer can become too much, which results in overflowing of the tray and wetting the floor. Dyson only catches water with their innovative Airblade wash and dry Taps.  

The Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel Slim hand dryer has multiple sensors amongst its features. This allows you to put your hands in from the side of the hand dryer and it will still start. As a result children and people with ambulant disabilities can use this hand dryer too.

Another feature is to combine heating with the high velocity air. Some hand dryers automatically start heating the air when a room temperature below a certain minimum is measured. Although it does reduce drying time another notch it does add more to a pleasant dry in the colder times of the year.

Some hand dryers do have high velocity strips of air but don't catch water. You will find these in the high speed hand dryer category.

Some high speed hand dryers can be changed into full Airblade Technology with a tray accessory added underneath the hand dryer.  

The catchment tray of this technology has been further augmented with the introduction this year in Australia of the Dryflow Vapordri hand dryer, which automatically detects and evaporates the moisture in the tray by means of a small heating element. How about that for a very fast, practically maintenance free hand dryer.

Watch this space for news on any new features that are added to Full Airblade Technology.


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